“Ed combined his strategic thinking and project management skills with his deep content knowledge to help me create a deeply researched and actionable business plan. Ed is not only a strong problem-solver, but also a great collaborator.”
— John Abodeely, CEO, Houston Arts Alliance
“I very much appreciate the issues, conversations and considerations that were surfaced as a result of our strategic planning retreat. Were it not for Spitzberg Advisors, such issues would not have been brought to life, nor would there have been an impetus for change - or perhaps even a conversation around such issues. Your patience, guidance and expertise were beyond welcome.”
— Marissa McBride, Executive Director, Voter Participation Center
“Ed worked with us to share his subject-matter expertise with our diverse audience of educators, government officials and NGOs. The ensuing insightful discussion inspired our work on spreading best practices to islands around the world.”
— Arno Boersma, Manager of the Aruba Centre of Excellence for Small Island Developing States (an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Aruba)
“Spitzberg Advisors proved to be an invaluable resource for our growing non-profit as we worked through an executive transition. Ed was a joy to work with and his insight and guidance helped us identify unique problems and implement proactive processes that we otherwise would not have been able to without his expertise and consultation. I would strongly recommend Spitzberg Advisors for other non-profit boards and will certainly contract their services in the future should the opportunity arise.”
— John Coco, Board President, Gourment Symphony


— Jed Bernstein, Tony Award-Winning Producer; President, Aspen Theater Festival; former President, Lincoln center

— John Abodeely, CEO, Houston Arts Alliance; Former Acting executive director, president's committee on the arts and the humanities; board member, West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology; Advisor, CredSimple

- arno boersma, Manager of the Aruba Centre of excellence for small island developing states (An Initiative of the United nations development programme and the government of aruba)


- Marissa McBride, Executive Director, Voter Participation Center