Our Work

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Afterschool: Inspiration for Islands

Working with the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Aruba's Centre of Excellence for the Sustainable Development for Small Island Developing States, Ed shared knowledge about the U.S. afterschool model and how island states can support afterschool programs for positive impact across sectors. His work was covered in the Aruban press and drove interest in strengthening the afterschool field on the island.

National Arts education Program Business PLAN

Ed worked with the client, a national arts leader, to develop a detailed strategy, case, and supporting research for a new national arts education program.  He then synthesized it all into a business plan used to obtain seed funding and initial partnerships.


DC Youth Orchestra Program

Ed is working with the DC Youth Orchestra Program, an arts education program founded in 1960 that has fostered the musical development of over 50,000 youth, to help plan and structure their fundraising program and increase their long-term sustainability. In addition, he is providing interim project leadership during the executive director's parental leave.