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Every nonprofit hits an inflection point. A leadership transition, a stalled fundraising campaign or a nascent fundraising structure that’s not getting traction, a board transitioning from a working board to a governing/fundraising board, or a changing external environment.

Navigating those transitions by definition takes you into uncharted territory. If they future stays uncharted, teams are often not aligned, and the organization may reactively respond to events in way that causes more risk, costs, and a cycle of further change. However, with a sound plan, leadership alignment on direction, and a plan and resources for clear execution, your organization can instead seize opportunity. All leading to stability, sustainability, and growth to advance your mission.

Spitzberg Advisors helps you chart the territory. Our team provides strategic planning services and execution support to nonprofit organizations of all types who are facing an inflection point. As former nonprofit executives and managers, we make sure to bring our experience within the nonprofit world to every engagement. We understand what you need (and don't need) from a nonprofit consultant.

How do we do that?

INSPECT: We partner with you to thoroughly understand the history that led to your successes and challenges, and surface previously hidden perceptions.

REFLECT: Together, through careful analysis and conversations or a facilitated retreat, we consider where you’ve been; align on a destination and resolve to get there; generate and evaluate possible paths; choose a direction forward and chart a course.

INFLECT: Now it’s time to follow that path to achieve the change we’ve identified. We help guide you through implementation to make that change, and can roll up our sleeves to help your plan become reality.


Our Services

To realize your change, we provide services including: business plans for startups or established organizations looking to launch new programs; fundraising, programming and operational planning; strategic planning for organizations of all sizes; meeting and retreat facilitation for board and/or staff; interim leadership to help plan and execute leadership transitions; and educational sessions to help get board or staff ready to fundraise. With a focus on implementation, we not only make sure our plans translate directly to action - we can also take on many of the next steps in these plans - or other projects you have on tap - ourselves, adding capacity to your organization and helping you get traction.

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Our Clients

Recent clients include a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer & national arts leader seeking to launch a new national arts education non-profit, a joint venture between the United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Aruba focusing on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals around youth, the United States-Japan Bridging Foundation, Americans for the Arts, the DC Youth Orchestra Program, Capital City Symphony, Gourmet Symphony, Hyattsville Aging in Place, and the Voter Participation Center.

Ed also has been selected as one of Maryland Nonprofits’ consultants.

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Our Team

Ed Spitzberg, founder and principal of Spitzberg Advisors, is a nonprofit executive and fundraiser with almost two decades’ experience in the field, with a specialty in arts, humanities, and education organizations. Whether as a solo consultant or with his team of experts, Ed and Spitzberg Advisors apply careful thought, creativity, and commitment to your engagement. Ed is a frequent speaker, and has been invited for presentations and panels by Americans for the Arts, National Afterschool Association, Centre of Excellence for the Sustainable Development for Small Island Developing States, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities,  Dance Metro DC, and others.

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“Ed combined his strategic thinking and project management skills with his deep content knowledge to help me create a deeply researched and actionable business plan. Ed is not only a strong problem-solver, but also a great collaborator.”
— John Abodeely, CEO, Houston Arts Alliance
“I very much appreciate the issues, conversations and considerations that were surfaced as a result of our strategic planning retreat. Were it not for Spitzberg Advisors, such issues would not have been brought to life, nor would there have been an impetus for change - or perhaps even a conversation around such issues. Your patience, guidance and expertise were beyond welcome.”
— Marissa McBride, Executive Director, Voter Participation Center
“Spitzberg Advisors proved to be an invaluable resource for our growing non-profit as we worked through an executive transition. Ed was a joy to work with and his insight and guidance helped us identify unique problems and implement proactive processes that we otherwise would not have been able to without his expertise and consultation.”
— John Coco, Board President, Gourmet Symphony